Sarah Marie


sexual orientation: please

you always said how lucky you were that we were all friends

but it was us baby

we were the lucky ones

Get to Know Me Meme
(2/5) Current Celebrity Crushes: Nico Mirallegro

"When I was six, I entered a talent contest. I dyed my hair blond, had a chainsaw and pretended I was Eminem. The old folk weren’t expecting that." 


[touches own boob] nice



I present to you a puppy eating watermelon.

I can’t stop thinking about this

I used to think
I was overreacting.

now I realize
it was just a

normal reaction
to an abnormal

amount of

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imagine being stuck in a room surrounded by everyone you’ve ever had sex with


your biggest crush should be on yourself, you should always go out of your way to do little things to put a smile on your face, make sure you’re happy and confident just like you would do to someone else you care for, because when you have that sort of consideration for yourself it’s so much easier to give to other people